Grand Island Nebraska Art

70 - 7 artworks by 49 students were included in the jury exhibitions of the Scholastic Art Awards. Three thousand art entries were submitted to a regional exhibition in Omaha, and 300,000 entries were received nationwide. The biennial Governor's Arts Awards are an opportunity to recognize individuals and organizations that have shaped the artistic landscape of our state. Art can participate in a national exhibition by being admitted to state exhibitions or by receiving a key gold award.

As we continue to offer destinations that make our state wonderful, please take the right precautions and add them to your bucket list at a later date.

No trip to Grand Island is complete without a stop at the Chocolate Bar, and locals will tell you that it's one of the best chocolate bars in the entire state of Nebraska.

The menu includes eight 16-inch handmade pizzas, including chicken with chopped jalapenos topped with fresh tomatoes, onions and four cheeses. You might also want to try some old-fashioned cocktails, including the Sin City Hit, which contains a mix of old-fashioned and old-fashioned whisky, as well as a selection of classic cocktails. Add hot coffee or espresso to a vanilla bean latte and you have the perfect dessert combination. This versatile dessert restaurant with café and wine bar offers double-layered desserts such as chocolate chips, chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake.

If you're at Wave Pizza Company and you've solved the mystery of what happened to Margaritaville's salt shaker, take a look at the hippy VW van in the parking lot.

These funny vehicles were built by the talented Fred Step, commonly known as Fred's flying circus. The materials for the sculptures often came from thrift stores and junk shops. Fred has carefully constructed the vehicles and characters right there in the body shop. He often worked from memory to create the figures, and sometimes used images and toys as a reference.

Fred died in 2016, leaving behind a collection of unique art that the entire community can enjoy. There is even a car donated by Snoopy and Garfield to the Grand Island Humane Society.

I am an associate art teacher at Hastings College and have taught courses in pottery, clay and sculpture for the past twenty to four years. I offer dedicated teaching and a fruitful studio environment to give my students the opportunity to produce award-winning art and take them on a journey to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the arts.

I offer my students a great environment to create images in different colors and scales. The Gallery Criticism Room is equipped with bars and lighting to allow a wide range of media, including two-dimensional, three-dimensional and digital, as well as a variety of media.

This flexible space provides a safe and collaborative working environment that allows students to focus on their skills. The glass studio is also supported by a glass cooling room where students can fine-tune the glass, as well as a clay mixing room to keep dust at bay. A separate glaze room allows me to organize and control all glaze materials and processes, and I can use one of my classrooms right in the main lobby.

The chosen fireplace is adjacent to the ceramics studio, so that there is an outdoor area of 520 square meters, covered with kilns. This gives students plenty of space to create three-dimensional artworks, as well as access to a large open space with an open kitchen.

The second largest classroom includes a large open space with an open kitchen and an outdoor area for the ceramics studio and art gallery.

The 515 square meter Critical Room offers students a place where they can exhibit finished works. The studio is ideal for events as the garage door opens to the main lobby and west patio, drawing visitors into the space to see the activities inside. In the centre of the building is an adjoining lobby with an open kitchen and an outdoor area for the ceramics studio and art gallery.

It is a delightful exhibition that proves that childhood wonders and joys can keep you going long after adulthood. For even more fun on Grand Island, the huge playground is sure to be loved by the whole family.

The art gallery is located in the southwest corner of the building and acts as a lighthouse, emphasizing the importance of all the art presented there. We are directly involved in all aspects of the gallery's operation and offer a variety of services to anyone who wants to discover art and stimulate the imagination.

The lobby opens into a glass-blown studio, creating a spacious space where guests can mingle, view art and watch students design. We have adapted the lighting so that the students can create shadows and shadows for different vignettes. For the students who gather here, there is even a large outdoor area with benches and tables. The impact of our art prize winners is felt in the classroom, in the economy and in our community.

More About Grand Island

More About Grand Island