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The weather on Grand Island is far too cold at this time of year for travelers to be pleasantly warm. On February 12th, when the fresh powder is deep, you can often ski and snowshoe on the beach, but there are also times when it is pleasant for warmer weather travelers.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Grand Island, the hottest months are July, August and then June. If you are looking for dry weather, January, February, November is a great time for skiing, snowshoeing or other outdoor activities on the beach.

Grand Island has slightly muggy months, but with humidity, temperatures feel cold for about half the year. Mid-June is expected to be a good time to rain, and it rained throughout June through early July, so Grand Island has slightly muggy months.

Note: A value of 0 on the snow curve below may mean that there is no snow or that snow is not reported. Some weather stations report large amounts of snow, which are low in January, especially just before the beginning to mid-January.

The tourism graph is based on Google searches for tourists using the service relative to the rest of the year, and the data displayed is calculated as a relative peak. The wettest month is December (62.9%), the wettest months are August (52.5%) and September (51.3%). A figure of 42.4% in November means 42% of all tourists in July, while a figure of 43.8% for August, 43% for September and 42% in October means 42 - 4% tourists in July.

Prices for hotels and flights are the most expensive, but you can save by buying well in advance. June to August is the busiest tourist season on Grand Island, and during the peak travel season in March, guided hikes and sightseeing tours are offered. Accommodation and other accommodations may be more expensive than usual, but the prices of flights and accommodation vary from month to month.

Outdoor recreation is available on Grand Island, where visitors can cool off on the beach with pools, fountains and paddling pools. It feels like South Florida with the waves, but the best vantage points are in the south of the island, near the Great Barrier Reef and Big Bend National Park.

The versatile dessert restaurant with café and wine bar offers a double layer cheesecake, chocolate biscuits and chocolate mousse, as well as a variety of desserts. If you're at Wave Pizza Company, take a look at the hippy VW van to solve the mystery of what happened to Margaritaville's salt shaker. The menu includes eight 16-inch handmade pizzas, including chicken with chopped jalapenos topped with fresh tomatoes, onions and four cheeses. They serve burgers that are hand-patched daily and they have weapons, but the menu is limited to four types of burgers.

From the end of April to September, stock car races are held weekly and the fairground hosts an 11-day event. The annual event includes events such as the Grand Island Husker Football League and the Nebraska State Fair, as well as a variety of other events.

The city has a Central Community College campus and College Park offers distance learning for a consortium of schools. Grand Island is home to the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, part of the Southern Power District that serves southern Nebraska. The city also has the Central Community College campus, the University of Nebraska-Omaha and the College of North Dakota. US Route 281 is the main north-south route through the city, running from its western edge south to Hastings and north to O'Neill. Heading west, it is on the Sandhills Journey Byway, a scenic SR-2 that travels two-thirds of its length in Nebraska and runs from south to north Neill.

Grand Island is part of the Grand Island metropolitan area, which consists of counties Hall, Merrick, Howard and Hamilton. In the beginning, Hall County was home to the Nebraska State University of Nebraska - Omaha and the National Civic League Gave him the All-America City Award. It is bypassed by US Highway 281, US Route 281 and US 281B, the Sandhills Journey Byway and SR-2.

The German settlement was founded on the other side of the river in 1857 and moved to its current location a few miles north on the present-day Burlington, North and Santa Fe lines. The settlers reached their goal on July 4, 1857, and built apartments made of local wood in September, but the company went bankrupt, so they stayed on Grand Island until they hired 36 settlers to found a new town. In 1866, the Union Pacific Railroad passed through Hall County, and passengers boosted the local economy. This was later to be crossed by the later Pacific Railway union, which eventually became the end-to-east division of the railroad, with the addition of a station on the west side of Grand Island. Grand Islands Station was established and UP built a service facility and locomotives in the city and The large islands became an end of the East and Partition.

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More About Grand Island